Ess.O.Ess OÜ is an innovative and responsive personnel placement company which was established to bring employers and jobseekers together. Though founded in July 2020, its history dates back many years to when everything pertaining to foreign workers was new to employers and the field was not regulated the way it is today.

Our initial experiments with recruiting workers directly from foreign countries were successful beyond all our expectations, and the intervening years in different fields have broadened our horizons and taught us to recognise potential bottlenecks and the hopes and expectations of all parties, allowing us to provide customer-driven solutions.

Having the right staff is the key to a company’s success, and our team strives to play a part in your company’s success story. The name of our company, Ess.O.Ess, which stands for SOS assistance for companies, reflects the fact that we are characterised by our speed, effectiveness, reliability and loyalty.

SOS personnel solutions for your company!